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Multifaceted Recovery Services



SC SHARE's Current Advocacy Goals:
1. Expand Peer Support into new job sectors
2. Increase wages for Peer Specialists
3. Eradicate the stigma of mental health and substance use

SC SHARE works tirelessly to accomplish each advocacy goal through strategic partnerships with multiple government agencies including the Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services (DAODAS). Furthermore, SC SHARE routinely meets with South Carolina's senators and house representatives as official lobbyists for the cause. Finally, SC SHARE collaborates with other like-minded recovery agencies throughout the state to strengthen SC's grassroots recovery programs and support services.  


SC SHARE believes knowledge is power! We strive to offer state-of-the-art, relevant educational programs designed to empower peers and educate the community at large.

Click the course names above to learn more!

Courses are date-specific and require all participants to register in advance. Check out our Training & Events page for current course offerings. We often schedule courses based upon demand. We encourage you to reach out and let us know what courses you are interested in taking, and we will try our best to get your course scheduled at the next available opportunity. 

**Not all courses have available descriptions at this time.**

Educational Programs

Recovery Support

WE ARE RECOVERY. We believe that hope is the driving force of recovery; therefore, the mission of SC SHARE is to promote recovery principles delivered through the effective use of peer support for all people suffering from mental illness, substance use disorder, and/or co-occurring disorders.
SC SHARE is invested in your recovery. We practice what we preach! 
This is a judgment-free zone and all are welcome!
SC SHARE proudly offers a number of recovery-oriented services at no charge to all members of the community. We may not have walked in your shoes, but we certainly can empathize with you.
Recovery Support Services
  • Recovery For Life Support Groups both onsite and offsite
  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Groups
  • Individual Peer Support Services 
  • Online Peer Support Forum
  • Ready For Life Support Groups - Coming Soon!
  • Co-occurring Support Groups - Coming Soon!
Want to learn more? Contact us today to find out how you can get involved!
Recovery Support Services

"We work on ourselves in order to help others. And we help others as a vehicle for working on ourselves."

(Ram Daas & Paul Gorman, How Can I Help?)

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