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SC SHARE makes every effort to simplify processes and respond to the needs of the Peer Support Community. With that in mind, we are pleased to offer an expedited and contactless recertification process. 

In order to expedite your current Peer Support Certification, please submit your completed application along with proof of your CEU's to the email provided below. Be sure to include your full name in the subject header and your certification expiration date. Post submission you will receive a confirmation email within 3 working business days acknowledging receipt of the required documentation. Once we have verified your recertification application and received your $30.00 Processing fee or require more information we will notify you. If your application is approved for renewal you will be provided a digital copy of your new certification. 

Recertification Email Checklist:

Attached Copy of all CUE's

Attached Copy of Completed Recertification Application (Located in File Share)


Certified Cashiers Check, Money Order ($30.00 fee) Mail To:


1823 Gadsden Street 

Columbia, SC 29201


Use the "Buy Now" Button at the bottom of this page to pay your recertification fee. 

We here at SC SHARE are hopeful this new process will increase access to our Recertification process and alleviate any undue burden on our Peer Support Community. 

Send Recertification Applications to:

Note: If you are unable to email your recertification application and CEU's, you are more than welcome to mail the necessary documentation to the address provided above.

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